Middle East Naval Commanders Conference (MENC)

“The Maritime Domain – The Centre of Gravity for the Regional Security Complex of the Arabian Gulf”

The Maritime domain is what connects all states along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It affects their environmental, water, energy and economic security. Ultimately the security of the maritime domain in its various dimensions is what determines the overall security of each Arabian Gulf state – even more, because of its significance for national and regional security, the maritime domain is the centre of gravity for the regional security complex of the Arabian Gulf as a region of geo-strategic importance.

The Middle East Naval Commanders Conference (MENC) under the umbrella of the Doha International Maritime Exhibition – DIMDEX 2016 sheds light on the various dimensions of maritime security in the Arabian Gulf, the Arabian and Red Sea. This conference invites a diverse group of experts to explore a range of topics related to the significance of the maritime domain for the Arabian Gulf states moving beyond a narrow military dimension of maritime security. Speakers will touch upon strategic and operational challenges, risks and threats in the maritime domain while suggesting constructive solutions dealing with these risks.

The MENC Conference seeks to create a debate about conventional and unconventional challenges to the freedom of navigation around maritime choking points in the region. The freedom of navigation in the Gulf and connected waterways is of great significance not just for regional players but also for global trade. Therefore, participants from the Arabian Gulf as well as guests from overseas are provided with a platform to explore means to minimize these threats. Nonetheless, this conference does not neglect unconventional threats and approaches to maritime security. Apart from looking at maritime security through the lens of military security, participants are invited to reflect on maritime security in reference to environmental and energy security – two domains that are often ill-considered when discussing the significance of maritime security in the Arabian Gulf.

The 2016 MENC detailed Programme and Speakers information will be provided soon. Please click on Attend the conference to register and receive updates regarding the Conference.

Who Should Attend

  • Defence Ministers
  • Government officials and policy makers
  • Senior Navy and maritime defence officials
  • Coastal defence commanders
  • Military procurement officials
  • DIMDEX 2016 delegates and exhibitors
  • International media
  • International relations and strategic studies academics and scholars
  • Military strategists
  • Industry analysts

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