Borbeni Složeni Sistemi

Stand: H7-129

Company Profile

The company YugoimportSDPR J.P., as a founder of the company «BSS» Ltd, integrates the offer of the complex combat systems from its own development and production program. The responsibility of the company «BSS» Ltd in that strategy is to use all its production capacities and human resources in order to meet the market demands and contribute to successful realization of all business deals that YugoimportSDPR has contracted with respect to the complex combat systems. The core activity of the company «BSS» Ltd is the production of complex combat systems such as: armor combat vehicles, artillery weapon of caliber 105mm to 155mm, command informative and attack navigation system, integrated armament systems for land, air and navy platforms etc. as well as the production of hunting, sporting shot and small arms ammunition. «BSS» Ltd has started the serial production of self-propelled howitzer NORA 155mm and the prototype of LAZAR 2 vehicle.
Product / Services : Combat systems, Weapons and ammunition, Weapons, armaments and weapon control systems, Mariners weapons & equipment, Research and development

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