Stand: H6-215a

Company Profile

AVS Saraciye Textile Limited Company was established in 1998 within 20 years of experieces and transformed from a traditional apparel manufacturing company into a government contracts manufacturer of industrial and military textile products. AVS Saraciye Textile, manufacturing clothing materials to Turkish Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and other public foundations and exports high quality products to other countries Military; cold weather clothing, coats, BDU's, ceremony uniforms, pants, officer coats, wind jackets, shirts, ammunition vests, ballistic vests, poncho rainproof, tracksuits, underwear, camouflage fabrics for military clothing, sleeping bags, sports bags, backpacks, rucksacks, briefcases, luggages. Police; Police jackets, coats, rainproof ponchos, motorized police team clothing, public service police uniforms, shirts, special operations clothing, tactical vests, ballistic vests, backpacks, t-shirts, gloves, hats, masks. Public Institutions; The postman uniforms, the state railways uniforms, safety clothing, hadji case-luggage, hadji dress fabrics, passport bags, postman bags, attache cases, daily purses.

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