Stand: H5-313

Company Profile

ADİK – ANADOLU Shipyard is one of the privately owned Navy Shipyards in Turkey chosen by Turkish MoD (SSM) to build vessels for Turkish Navy. ADİK is specialized in amphibious vessels as it completed between 2009-2012 a 8 ships strong LCT (Landing Craft Tank) project for Turkish Navy. All the 8 ships are in service with Turkish Navy and they stand with their less than 1 meter forward draft & 20 miles speed with 7 MBT load. ADİK actually runs 2 ships LST (Landing Ship Tank) project for Turkish Navy (2013-2017). ADIK Class LSTs are very similar in their Combat System to Turkish MİLGEM Corvette. ADİK has also other indigenous designs for different Navy vessels such as Fast Patrol Boat, Turkish Type Patrol Boat, Logistic Support Vessel, Emergency Intervention & Diving Training Boat … ADIK also builds chemical tankers, container vessels and MPVs for commercial use.
Product / Services : Naval and commercial shipbuilding

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