China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO)

Stand: H5-211

Company Profile

China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), as a pioneer and leader of Chinese military trade, is a giant enterprise group engaged in both products and assets, integrated with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services. NORINCO mainly deals with defense products, petroleum & mineral resources exploitation, international engineering contracting, civilian explosive and chemical products, police equipment, vehicles and logistics operation, and etc. With a profound understanding of the evolution of modern warfare, NORINCO has established a complete industry chain for advanced defense products through extensive global resource integration. NORINCO has realized a successful transformation in the fields of armored assault, long-range suppression, precision munitions, air defense and anti-missile, command and control, high-efficiency destruction, unmanned systems and infantry weapons. We are offering integrated &organic defense system solution and reliable logistic support to our clients worldwide. NORINCO will always strive for a better future with you.
Product / Services : Combat systems, Maritime safety & coastal security , Navigation systems, Sensors & surveillance systems, Electronic warfare, Services & industrial and technical support, Weapons and ammunition, Training – simulation, Weapons, armaments and weapon control systems, Unmanned systems, Personnel training, Logistics management and support systems, Mariners weapons & equipment

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