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AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, attends DIMDEX 2014 (Doha, Qatar, March 25th – 27th) exhibiting its range of modern rotorcraft solutions.

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, attends DIMDEX 2014 (Doha, Qatar, March 25th – 27th) exhibiting its range of modern rotorcraft solutions. AgustaWestland has a well established and long standing presence in Qatar and the Middle East in both the military and commercial market. The Qatar Armed Forces operate Westland Sea King/Commando helicopters and have more recently started operating 21 new generation AW139 intermediate twin multirole helicopters ensuring outstanding flexibility and covering a number of applications including utility, troop transport, search and rescue, border patrol, special forces operations, law enforcement and homeland security. Three of these AW139s are dedicated to emergency medical service duties and the Qatar Armed Forces have become the military operator with the largest AW139 fleet.

In the commercial market, Gulf Helicopters is already using most of its 18 AW139s on order for offshore transport missions and is also the biggest customer of the new generation AW189 super-medium helicopter for the same application. Initial deliveries of the new type will start later this year. This customer is also an authorized training centre in Qatar for the AW139 with a full flight simulator and has more recently ordered an AW189 full flight simulator as well.

State-of-the-art technology, outstanding performance, low operating costs and the only helicopter in its class to meet the latest safety standards, have made the AW139 the helicopter of choice in the medium twin market. The standard configuration provides seating for 12 or 15 passengers in a large and bright 8.0 m3 cabin with excellent ease of access and egress via large sliding cabin doors. Excellent payload and performance ensure unmatched productivity for offshore operations. Over 200 customers from more than 60 countries have ordered over 750 helicopters to perform a wide range of roles including government missions, law enforcement, utility, EMS/SAR, offshore transport, VIP/corporate transport. Over 650 AW139s are already in service with customers worldwide and have logged more than 850,000 flight hours. The global fleet is expected to set the 1 million flight hours milestone by mid 2014.

Featuring the largest and most modern range of naval and maritime applications-dedicated platforms, AgustaWestland attends DIMDEX as a leading player in naval missions as well. Company’s maritime product range also includes the NH90 11 ton class medium twin and the AW101 medium-heavy three-engine models. The NH90 is the result of a successful cooperation among AgustaWestland, Airbus Helicopters and Stork Fokker through the NH Industries consortium and is based on a multirole platform offered in two main variants, the TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) for land-based operations and the NFH (Naval Frigate Helicopter) for naval applications. The programme has been highly successful with orders made by 19 customers in 14 countries for 529 units so far and is nearing 200 helicopters are in service today. The NH90 features an all composite airframe, fly-by-wire controls and state-of-the-art avionics.

The AW101 16 ton class helicopter is the most advanced multirole aircraft in its category, featuring a large and comfortable cabin able to carry up to 30 troops or passengers or up to 54 people in high density disaster relief configuration or up to 16 litters plus medical attendants. The three engines solution allows outstanding performance and safety standards in the most demanding operational conditions. Almost 220 AW101 helicopters have been ordered so far by several nations also including Italy, UK, Japan, Denmark, Canada, Portugal and Norway to perform a wide range of missions such at both land and sea as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, Helicopter Early Warning, utility, Search and Rescue/Combat Search and Rescue, Special Forces operations, VVIP Transport duties.