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Leonardo Concludes Webinar Series on Naval Defense for the Middle East

Leonardo Concludes Webinar Series on Naval Defense for the Middle East

In this historical moment, where digitalisation was driven by a disease which reminds us of very old times, Leonardo organised its first online event for journalists, part of its first virtual exhibition dedicated to Naval Security in the Middle East.

The webinar, entitled Overview on Leonardo’s Naval and Underwater defense systems and held on 8 July, provided details on specific defense systems part of Leonardo’s offer, as a leading company in the design and supply of systems and products for naval and maritime defense and for coastal surveillance. Supported by images and videos, the speaker Marco Fani, Leonardo’s Naval and Underwater Defense Systems Business Development, highlighted the company’s ability to meet customer needs and to face the most challenging scenarios and environments.

The webinar focused on the capabilities and technical aspects of some of the flagship products of Leonardo’s portfolio for the naval and underwater sector, which also includes anti-torpedo defence systems. In this field, Leonardo offers solutions including warning sub-systems, such as the towed array sonar Black Snake, which detect an attacking torpedo, and reaction sub-systems, like the C310, able of launching a salvo of countermeasures constituted by decoys and jammers.

In the underwater systems, Leonardo recently added to its portfolio the Black Scorpion, a torpedo with a small size (5”) designed to support the contact classification process with minimum cost and maximum flexibility and effectiveness. The product is able to cope with increasingly complex international scenarios and with different types of threats, including “midget” mini-submarines. Moreover, it can be launched from helicopters, drones, submarines and fast in shore attack crafts.

The wide range of Leonardo’s naval defence system include Marlin 40,an extremely competitive product on the market and among the most advanced 40mm naval systems, thanks to its extremely low mass, small dimension, easy installation (no deck penetration required) and modern, fully digital advanced technology, and the 76/62 Super Rapid (SR) gun mount. It is a light weight, rapid-fire naval gun providing unrivalled performance and flexibility in any air defence and anti-surface role, particularly in anti-missile role. The multi-role purpose of the76/62SR can be enhanced by the multi-feeding kit which allows the selection of different kinds of ammunition regardless of its position inside the magazine. The 76/62 SR naval gun has maintained its leadership on the market thanks to a series of upgrading kits developed over the time, such as Strales kit and Vulcano kit that strengthens its capabilities.

Leonardo’s new generation Weapon Control System NA-30SMK2 allows controlling up to three 76/62SR against conventional and asymmetric air/surface threats with a reduced reaction time.The 127/64 LW Vulcano is currently the most modern performing gun in its market sector, and the only one in the world able to fire the new Vulcano 127mm Guided Long Range (GLR) ammunition, the new Vulcano Ballistic Extended Range (BER) ammunition and the new Leonardo 4AP fuse for conventional ammunition. Leonardo’s Automatic Ammunition Handling System (AAHS) solution allows the gun loading also during firing and without any crew assistance.

With more than 30 naval vessels equipped and integrated by Leonardo, Middle East is already an operative scenario for some of these technologies, which help regional Navies in secure their maritime national boarder and the international goods traffic thanks to anti-piracy activities.

The online press briefing Overview on Leonardo’s naval and underwater defense systems was part of Leonardo Naval Defense for the Middle East. A virtual experience, the company’s first virtual exhibition held from July 6th to 12th. Thanks to a virtual stand which is tailored for different sectors and geographies, Leonardo is aiming to maintain its marketing focus on its products and platforms while providing a virtual experience in a safe and continuous way.

Date: 14.07.2020

Source: Al Defaiya