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STM from Turkey to supply main drive systems for Ada-class corvettes of Pakistani Navy

STM from Turkey to supply main drive systems for Ada-class corvettes of Pakistani Navy

According to news published by the Newspaper website Daily Sabah, Turkish Company STM has signed an agreement with the Turkish Military Factory and Shipyard Management Corporation (ASFAT) to supply and integrates the main drive system for the future Ada-class corvettes of Pakistan Navy.

Citing Daily Sabah, In May 2017, Turkish and Pakistani defense companies signed a goodwill agreement outlining the construction of four Turkish Ada-class MILGEM corvettes at the Karachi Shipyard. According to the final agreement, two ships will be built in Istanbul and two others in Karachi thanks to a technology transfer.

The four Ada-class corvettes are being developed within the scope of Turkey’s MILGEM (National Ship) project and will be delivered to Pakistan as part of Ankara's largest-ever single defense export deal. The first two corvettes are planned to be delivered to the Pakistani Navy in 2023 and two more ships in 2024. 

MILGEM project is a national warship program of the Republic of Turkey. Managed by the Turkish Navy, the project aims at developing multipurpose corvettes and frigates that can be deployed in a range of missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, anti-submarine warfare, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air warfare, and amphibious operations.

The Ada class is a class of corvettes, a part of the MILGEM project, developed primarily for the Turkish Navy. The Turkish Navy has already commissioned all four Ada-class corvettes. The ships are propelled by a RENK CODAG Cross-Connect propulsion plant. It consists of a gas turbine rated at 23,000 kilowatts (31,000 hp) and two diesel engines rated at 4,320 kW (5,790 hp). Each diesel engine drives one controllable pitch propeller via a two-speed main reduction gear.

According to the Naval Analyses website, the Ada-class corvette will be armed with OTO Melara Super Rapido main gun of 76mm/62cal fitted with a stealth cupola and located on the bow deck. She will be also armed with two Aselsan Stabilized Machine Gun Platforms (STAMP) with 12.7mm heavy machine guns. For air defense, the corvette will be fitted with one Mk 49 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS) with 21 missiles each ready to launch RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) (Block 1A). Each corvette is equipped with eight (8) Boeing RGM-84L Harpoon anti-ship missiles in two Mk141 quad launchers amidships. For Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) the ships are equipped with two twin Mk32 (Mod 9?) 324mm torpedo launchers in fixed positions for Honeywell Mk46 Mod 5 or Mk54 active or passive/active acoustic homing lightweight torpedoes.

Date: 30.06.2020

Source: Navy Recognition